Sunday, March 7, 2010

Spatial Views and SDE - Versioning

Recently, I've been looking into versioning an SDE database. The issue I have is that in my workflow, I need to have spatial views. In the past, we have been told from ESRI that spatial views will not work with a versioned database.

It seems that the real truth to this matter is that spatial views WILL work with a versioned database BUT the spatial view will only read the base tables (not the delta tables that have not been reconciled with the database).

I think this will work for my needs. Once I have implemented a workflow that works, I will be happy to share the details of my experience.

I also recently attended an ESRI training on Multiuser Geodatabases. I wish the course had more information on versioning because this is the next project that I'm excited about. I think there is another Multiuser Geodatabase course offered that goes into more detail about versioning. I'm looking forward to the upcoming challenges.

If you have successfully implemented a versioned database with spatial views, please contact me!

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